White wines making technique

The berries, harvested at their optimal stage of maturation, are softly crushed in order to preserve the integrity of the peels. The must thus obtained is filtered cold and still, before it starts fermenting. The fermentation takes place at the controlled and constant temperature of 20° C, in stainless steel tanks in order to preserve as much as possible the grape characteristics.



A traditional and unmistakable semi-aromatic vine that La Ginestra wanted to produce keeping most of all it typical characteristics. The berries harvested in the optimal phase of maturation have been worked in steel cans in order to maintain their own properties. Nice brilliant colour and precise nose profile, elegant and slightly herbal, with sage and pepper notes. Full body, smooth with a pronounced mineral final taste that makes it suitable also for more complex dishes.

micro-climate, with a wide temperature range at the end of  the summer (August month): the ideal condition for the maturation of the most aromatic grape varieties.

The secrets of this extraordinary Friulano lie in the passion of a small producer, in vines that are thirty years old, and in the terroir of the Collio Goriziano.This Friulano captures our imagination with delicate but profound green
almond notes. On the palate, it keeps all promises anticipated by its aromas,
resulting in a pleasant and fresh taste.


Pinot Grigio
The slightly postponed harvest enhances the aromatic freshness of this vine, made with Pinot Grigio grapes,  manually collected. The alcoholic fermentation done at a controlled temperature keeps the organoleptic characteristics and its elegant flowery bouquet enriched with aromas of acacia trees and broom flowers. The fresh, harmonious and light palate of this vine well pairs to all appetizers.

Valentina White
50% Chardonnay, 30% Sauvignon, 10% Pinot Grigio, 10% Friulano

Cabernet Franc
A pure Cabernet Franc, with a deep ruby color. It enchantes you with its seductive fruity and green notes which go from red berry fruits (as red cherry, blackberry and black currants) to green notes. At palate, it results fine and important with a full, wide and pleasant body.

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