Terroir is the typical of the Collio region, with its origins in Eocenic age (from 70 to 38 mln years ago), when all this region was completely under the sea, until the Alps. The erosion of the sea water to the old cliffs generated a special mix of marles and sandstones, which joined together in the so called “ponka” . This type of clay in its deepest layers is very compound and it looks alike a rock, but as it comes in contact with some erosion factors (wind, water, etc) it loses consistency and reassume the form of clay dissolved.
La Ginestra vineyards (owned by La Ginestra) extends on the soft hills of the Collio Goriziano region, in Mossa province, inside a special micro-climate corridor, which offers the best conditions to grow vines and to produce top quality wines.

This strategic corridor is the result of the presence at north of the Alpi Giulie and to the proximity of the Adriatic Sea: these two natural elements are two real helpers for the Collio grape grower. The Alps Giulie protects from the cold northern winds, while the vicinity of the Adriatic sea favours the creation of a mild and moderate micro-climate, with a wide temperature range at the end of  the summer (August month): the ideal condition for the maturation of the most aromatic grape varieties.



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