A Story of lands, vineyards and boarders
We have the History, with great events, heroic conquests, monuments made of bronze and marble. And then there is the Story, told by human being (men and women), strong of their daily dreams and animated by their willing of creating something good and beautiful, something to be shared with other people. One of this Story is the one of “La Ginestra” company, which has the same name (ginestra or ginster) as one of the poems written by the famous italian poet Giacomo Leopardi, a flower so determined to blossom in the most arid and difficult soils. In the years “La Ginestra” is bloomed. Not in its size, which remains small,  but in the reflections of its selected clients (or  better “friends”).
The choise of working in a isolated region, far from clamours and from mass advertisement, is the philosophy of  “La Ginestra” .

The Family
La Ginestra story starts in 1981, when Alberto Primas, entrepeneur in Gorizia, fell in love with this small property on the hills of Collio region and took the decision of kicking off a new business. Thus, La Ginestra was born thanks to a real and true passion of a Man and its family.
A long route started, from the vineyard grafting, the wine cellar building, the first harvest and the first labelled bottle. Everything made with enthusiasm, passion and seriousness and competence strongly transferred to his doughters Valentina and Francesca. And of course with the help and support of his wife, mrs Nives.
During 2009 Valentina, with the support of all the family, finetunes a complete relaunch plan of the company.
(foto Valentina) “After a Economy degree and a Master Intenational Business (MIB) in Triest, I’ve gone to Milan and I’ve worked in some of the bigger FMCG multinational as Marketing and Sales manager for more than 12 yrs. Then, in  2009 I took an important decision: to exploit the professional skills achieved in all the past years and use them to relaunch the family company and make it succeed.
For first, we decided to focus the production on its three white wines (all DOC registered), which highly represent the “excellent vines” in Friuli: Pinot Gris, Friulano (previous Tocai) and Sauvignon Blanc; then a red one, a Cabernet Franc.
Tradition & Innovation: all these 4 vines are very traditional ones in Collio (Friuli) region, but La Ginestra has looked for presenting them in a modern and distinctive style, both as winemaking process and image as well. Thus they result very “elegant and fine” and with a precise character.  

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